Please take a moment to look at my gallery below. You won’t find your typical photos here. I am mainly into making 360° panoramas and virtual tours. In my opinion, hand crafted, spherical panoramas are perfect medium to document such event, offering one of the kind perspective. Please click on thumbnails below to open full-size, interactive samples of my works.

As framing in panorama creation is not a valid mean of expression, I carefully choose point of view:

As experienced climber, I am able get into difficult locations and safely operate from there. I also utilize 5m pole for creating elevated, drone-like panoramas if needed:

Panoramas are being stitched from multiple images, opening many creative possibilities and providing with much higher quality than any point and shoot spherical camera currently available on the market:

Multiple panoramas can be connected by internal links to create immersive virtual tours:

Crops or transformations can be pulled from panorama and presented as regular, flat photo:

Also, I have experience in photographing events. Not as big as Ozora, but surely enough to know the challenges and learn workarounds to stitch successful panorama in live, moving environment:

Audio background can be added for more immersive experience:

I am also interested in creating time-lapses, hyper-lapses, animated photos and occasional videography:

I will be available for both preparation phase and full festival period. Looking forward to hearing from you!